Bay View Early History
Bay View Early History

Notes on the Richard Martin estate, Martin's Point

Submitted by Jim Norrocky

The area now known as Martin's Point was originally called Mustcash Point. See Fig 1 The name Mustcash was reportedly also given to Wahl Road at one time. The name supposedly came about because the native Americans that lived in the area did not want trinkets for their goods, but wanted cash (Must have cash = Mustcash).

Fig. 1 Drawing made from early map of area from west boundary of Firelands on left to Venice on the right with Martin's (Mustcash) Point in center.

Early surveys in Ohio were done using what was called the metes and bounds method. Land boundaries were determined using rocks, trees, streams, etc. Property was difficult to identify and as markers were moved or become lost, boundaries were almost impossible to validate. For instance, on an early survey drawing of this area entitled, "Annexation North of Patterson", markers were listed as, "Post in Road", "N31 Elm 22", etc. (Margaretta Township was originally Patterson) As can be seen in Fig. 1, the south boundary of Richard Martin estate in Lot 16 is determined by a ditch and the Reed and McCartney properties are separated by a stream. Following the death of Richard Martin there must have been a disagreement amongst the heirs because a case was filed in the Court of Common Pleas in 1882 by Jacob Martin against C.N. Martin. The case can be found in Vol 23 Pg 497 of the court records. As a result of this case, a survey of the property was done by Albert Judson and submitted on February 08, 1883 (V23 Pg 556).

Fig. 2 Drawing showing the 3 parcels of the Kate Martin dower and the other divisions of the Richard Martin estate property into long, narrow parcels.

As her widow's dower, Kate Martin, received Lot #1 and 12.75 A of the west side of Lot #2 as sub-division #1 and 28.60 A. of the west side of Lot 16 as sub-division #2. All the heirs, sub-divisions and acreage can be seen in Table 1.

Recipient Numbers Acres
Kate Martin Sub 1,pt Lot 2,Sub 2 80.60
Maud Martin Sub 3 & 4 10.53
C.N. Martin Sub 5 & 6 15.11
A. Martin Sub 7 & 8 15.40
Sarah Yetter Sub 9 & 10 17.12
Rachel Copeland Sub 11 & 12 20.85
Sally Martin Sub 13 & 14 10.17
Charles Martin Sub 15 & 16 11.01
Sadilia Quick Sub 17 & 18 20.80
Martha Neil Sub 19 & 20 20.80
Don T Martin Sub 21 & 22 21.50
Jacob Martin Sub23 15.25


Table 1 Recipients, sub-divisions, and acres received as result of Common Pleas case #4286 dividing lands of Richard Martin, 1883.

Sadilia Quick and Rachel Copeland's names have also been found as Cedalia Quick and Rachel Coplin, respectively. This occurred often and may have been because many people of that time were not literate and could not recognize the errors in the spelling of their name. All the parcels ran to Sandusky Bay on the north and most extended south in Lot 16 to a ditch draining westward into Sandusky Bay from a small water body called the "Goose Pond". As mentioned above, the sub-divisions were narrow and ranged from 85.8' to 417.12' wide and of various lengths. They were numbered in order going from top to bottom so Kate Martin's Lot #1 (39.25 A.) and 12.75 acres was Sub-division #1. On the south side in Lot 16, the 28.60 A. was Sub-division #2. As can be seen in Table 1 the acreage to each heir was not equal. This may have been based on marital status. Jan 1905 V 79 Pg 24 Maud Martin quit claimed 9.58 A. This was all of Sub-division #3 (7.25 A) and Sub-division #4 (3.27 less 0.94) to August Kuebeler, Sr. On Aug 30, 1911 she quit claimed 70.20 A to August, Sr. & Christina Kuebeler, V93 P230. This would have been all of Kate Martin's dower less the 10.4 acres sold to C.L. Wagner in 1892. I don't know why she was required to Quit Claim property that had belonged to Kate, who might have been her mother. Interestingly, there was a 25' wide road on the survey which is shown as running NNW to the south boundary of Lot 4 and then following the east edge of this Lot to the Bay. Where it met the Bay, a one half acre parcel is shown on the west with a school house. This parcel had been purchased from Richard Martin by the Board of Education on June 10, 1874 (V42 P193). In Aug 1905, the Board sold it to August Kuebeler, Sr. (V77 P629). It was described as; bounded on north by Bay, on east by Reid Road, on south and west by Lot 4, being the NE corner of Lot 4. Reid's name is spelled Reed on another map. From there, the road follows the bay shore and ends at a house just west of the center of the point and within the widow's dower property. This must have been the Martin's home. The 25' wide road was to be accessible to all the people that owned property. The Reid (Reed) Road is probably the present SR 269. While researching the Crystal Rock Water Co., I was looking for evidence that they had laid a pipeline from Crystal Rock Brewery Cave to Sandusky. It seemed obvious that permission to place the pipe had to be obtained either by purchase, lease or easement. I found an indication that Jacob and August Kuebeler had purchased land from C.N. Martin who owned the Crystal Rock Caves at that time. When I found the deed, however, they were buying the land he had inherited from Richard Martin, sub-divisions #5 & #6. Further searching revealed that most of the heirs sold their land to Jacob Kuebeleer thru deeds dated August or September 1883. This would have been just months after the survey had been filed as completed on February 08, 1883. Most of the property sales are recorded in consecutive pages 107 to 111 in Deed Vol 46 at the Erie County Recorders office. About five years later, on Jul 12, 1892 the Kuebelers sold a 450' strip off the bottom of the parcels to Charles L. Wagner who was a Trustee for someone. Kate Martin's part was 10.4 acres and when she sold the balance of her lands in 1905, it was noted that the Sandusky Portland Cement Company had purchased 10.4 acres earlier. This may have been the party C.L. Wagner was representing. See Fig. 3

Fig. 3 Drawing of the Richard Martin estate showing the divisions and the 450' strip along the bottom, purchased by C.L. Wagner from the Kuebelers.

Charles L. Wagner was an officer of the Stang Brewing Co. in Sandusky. He and Albert E. Merrill, a Probate Judge and president of a bank in Sandusky, leased the C.N. Martin property at Crystal Rock in May, 1892 the same year these Sub-divisions were purchased. Mr. Wagner was president and Mr. Merrill was Sec.-Treas of the Crystal Rock Water Company. Interestingly, Mr. Merrill was listed as a witness on some of the deeds to the Sub-division purchases from the Kuebelers. Jacob and August Kuebeler owned the Kuebeler Brewing Co. located on Tiffin Ave. in Sandusky, OH in 1892. In a phone conversation with Paul (Skeeter) Snyder, a long time Bay View resident, he told me that the ponds that are seen today all around the area east and south of Bay View in Lots 16 and 17 are clay pits. The cement company must have purchased much of this property and removed the clay to be used in making cement. The clay pits were still being excavated into the late 1940's - early 1950's. The cement company also took marl out of the ground around Castalia and hauled it to their facility at Bay Bridge on the northeast corner of Martin's Point. The marl was carried from Castalia by a small train, locally called "The Dinky Train". As a child, I remember seeing it crossing SR 6 just east of the junction of SR 269. Mr. Snyder said that there had been several car crashes with this train. As I remember there were no signs or lights at the crossing which was just east of the place where SR 269 goes north from SR 6. In later days, the marl was hauled by truck. The cement operation at Bay Bridge is now closed.